Top Reasons for Giving To Christian Radio by Age – Finney’s Fast 5


In the 2016 Finney Media Why Listen?™ nationwide Survey, we asked donor Christian Radio listeners across the US why they give to Christian Radio. Here are their top main reasons for giving, broken down by age demographics:

Across all ages, camp on how crucial it is that your listener believes in the mission/vision of your ministry. It’s pretty important that you have a mission/vision. Essential that it be obvious, understandable and that she can get her head and heart emotionally wrapped around it. And when you’re asking on air for her financial commitment to your mission, you really must make that mission/vision something you talk about . . . on the air . . . often.

After your mission/vision, check out how high “they help create a positive atmosphere in my life/home” is as a motivation for giving among listeners under 55. This parallels the research we see on encouragement as a reason for listening, especially among younger people. You are her hopeful oasis in a “daggers-out” world. And it’s a big motivator for her giving.

And then over age 55, notice how “they courageously teach God’s Truth” climbs to the #2 reason she gives. Those wiser, more spiritually mature, “long-time-invested-in-your-ministry” listeners undergird your ministry’s growth. They are the demo almost none of the commercial stations chase, which make them the demo with whom you can have enormous influence! They are passionately positive about your ministry, And they will want to be generous with your ministry more if you courageously teach God’s Truth.

Coming in Finney Media’s Fast Five for May: From the nationwide Finney Media Why Listen?™ Survey, we asked listeners who are non-givers to Christian radio why they don’t give. We’ll give you the Top Reasons Christian Radio Listeners Don’t Give to Christian Radio, broken down by age.



finneylogoChuck Finney is the President of Finney Media and has over 30 years experience helping radio stations grow audience and deepen relationships with listeners. He led Salem’s KLTY Dallas to record audience levels and served as National Program Director for Salem’s Fish CCM stations. While with KLTY, the station won multiple awards, including NRB Music Station Of The Year, the CMB Major Market Station Of The Year and the NAB Religious Station Of The Year.

Chuck served as Chairman of Christian Music Broadcasters and currently serves on the Radio Committee of NRB.

Since 2009, he has consulted Christian Music and Teaching radio stations and ministries internationally, helping them reach more people while being Gospel-focused.

He and his wife of 25 years, Lynda, live in the DFW area and have two daughters.





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