CMB Monthly Webinars

CMB’s Monthly Webinar features a variety of topics and speakers that are of interest to the radio community.  These monthly events take place at noon (CT) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  CMB Members may use their password for access to previous webinars.  Past recordings are available below as a benefit for 2019 CMB Members.  

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“Music Consumption: How Comprehensive Song Charts Can Help You in Music Meetings”  •  August 14, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

Brian Dishon (Provident Label Group), Josh Lauritch (55 Promotion), Jim Lidestri (Buzz Angle Music) and Josh Medlock (Mediabase) will explore what music consumption charts like Buzz Angle Music have to offer when it comes to making music decisions. Hear from these industry leaders who “live in the data” and can help you understand how to interpret it.

“All Things Momentum”  •  July 10, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

There are a lot of exciting changes this year for Momentum…from the NEW time for check-in and wrap up to the addition of Momentum Workshops! So, whether you are a Momentum veteran or a first timer, you will learn something new during this webinar and get the most out of your Momentum experience. We will talk through all the details, information and tips you’ll need to know from the moment you arrive to the time we say goodbye!

“Coaching Those You Lead”  •  June 12, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

Leadership Coach, Halle Simpson has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and all around busy people for 20 years helping them to live and work more effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, happily. Halle will teach useful communication techniques to help support individuals you lead. Learn how to define boundaries, take a coaching approach to problem solving and empower those you’re around. In turn, these methods will set you up to be a resource instead of a crutch.

“How to Market Anything by Creating a Message That Sells”  •  May 8, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

With 25 years in the radio industry, Tim Burt has written, recorded, and/or produced more than 30,000 commercials worldwide. Tim will discuss why a powerful message is infinitely more valuable than the ad spend itself, five myths that you’ve been led to believe by others that actually cause you to lose clients and make your job harder, three powerful keys to creating a message that can be used for 10, 20, 30, 40 years – or more, and learn how to better sell your digital assets and position them versus competitors.

“Finding the Funny in Your Radio Show”  •  April 10, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

Is your radio show funny? Does it have to be? You can’t deny that listeners love to laugh. And a show that has organic, tasteful fun has a leg-up on the competition. But are you doomed to fail if you’re not naturally funny? Join Lisa Barry, owner of Lisa Barry Media, WAY-FM network Morning Drive host, Wally, and KFMK/Austin Morning Drive host, Amy Byrd, as they cover “Funny” versus “Fun” and where to find content on this not-to-miss webinar.

“How Radio Listeners Consume Media: CMB Techsurvey Report”  •  March 13, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

Jacobs Media President, Fred Jacobs, examinse the data highlights from the CMB Techsurvey 2018 and dive into the habits of Christian music radio listeners. The insights from the CMB Techsurvey will guide radio’s programmers, marketers, and managers as you face a future filled with challenges and opportunities to increase your engagement with your audience.

“Nonprofits & Social Media:  A Missed Connection”  •  February 13, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

Dunham+Company’s Chief Digital Strategist, Jennifer Abohosh, discusses insights from a Dunham+Company exclusive study measuring nonprofit effectiveness on social media, including best practices, benchmarks, and real world examples.

“One Way to Make Your Station Better in 2019”  •  January 16, 2019  –  WATCH NOW

As you start into 2019, we want to challenge you to set goals for your station. We’ll hear from the perspective of several station positions and what one thing they’re doing to make a bigger impact in the next year. Featuring Zach Boehm (Director of Digital Content, WAY-FM Network), Ty McFarland (Program Director, KCMS/Seattle), Mary O’Brien (On-Air Talent, WCVO/Columbus), Justin Wade (General Manager, WBDX/Chattanooga), and Jerry Woods (Promotions Director, WGTS/Washington, D.C.).

“How to Convert Non-Listeners to Listeners: Part 2”  •  November 14, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

One of the highest-rated sessions at this year’s Momentum in Orlando was Alan Burns’ presentation of research and recommendations for growing CCM’s weekly audience. During this webinar, Alan talks to Program Directors to find out what’s being done – or not – as a result. In addition to discussing implementation with guest Programmers, Mike Couchman (KLJY/St. Louis), Rick Hall (WAWZ/Middlesex-Somerset-Union), and Melony McKaye (KJNW/Kansas City, KS). Make sure to bring your questions and suggestions for growing CCM!

“Instituting Best Practices for Avoiding Copyright Infringement in Production and Publishing”  •  October 10, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

Kevin M. Goldberg, Member at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C, explains the basics of copyright law and provide an easy way of deciding whether you should feel safe in using third party content. He will also offer tips on how to deal with copyright owners if they come after you alleging infringement and seeking compensation.

“All About Promotions”  •  August 8, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

Creating a great promotion is a work of art. It requires creativity and thinking outside the box. During this webinar, Andrew Jackson, Director of Marketing (88.7 The Bridge), LuAnn Schafer, Promotions Manager (Star 99.1), and Jill Smith, Director of Community Connections (KVNE/KGLY) will share their successful summer promotions.

“All Things Momentum”  •  July 11, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

The CMB team will be hosting this month’s webinar, “All Things Momentum.” We will talk through all the details, information and tips you’ll need to know from the moment you arrive to the time we say goodbye!

“More Station Revenue Without Wrecking Your Sound”  •  June 13, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

Maybe you want to invest in campaigns to grow your audience. Maybe you want to acquire another station. Perhaps you need to replace expensive equipment. Your donors want to help.

You’ll see ways to fund your vision during this webinar, “More Station Revenue Without Wrecking Your Sound”. Based on the Listener Supported Radio Development Outlook, Advocace’s president, Paul Martin, will show four keys that successful stations use to unlock income.

“Station of the Year: Whats in a Winning Submission?”  •  May 9, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

Each year during Momentum, Christian Music Broadcasters celebrates stations who make an impact in their community. During this webinar, representatives from the 2017 Station of the Year stations will come together and share their ideas. What caused the stations to earn the top honor? What can be learned? This webinar is designed not only to help guide you while you are gathering information for your Station the Year award submission, but more importantly, to help you find ways to reach your community and make the most impact possible.

“How Are Global Trends Affecting the Future of Your Station?”  •  April 11, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

As broadcasters, we are always monitoring trends in music and our audience to stay relevant, but how often do we take a broader view at the global trends influencing our society? What opportunities or threats can we explore based on these trends to not only sustain, but to go deeper with our audiences? Here is the situation, your audience and station’s future are being influenced by global trends. If the outcome you are looking to achieve is to continue to spread the love of Christ through your broadcast and deepen the engagement with your audience, how do you respond to these trends to meet this goal? During this webinar Matt Ellstrom, Chad Everett, and Cyndi Whitecotton of Educational Media Foundation will identify key trends, develop action plans, and explore how you can leverage these trends to enhance your engagement.

“Get Started with Podcasting: Repurposing Your Live Stream into On-Demand Content”  •  March 14, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

In this Monthly Member Webinar, Matt Kellogg, Global Sales Executive for StreamGuys, will help you focus on the practical steps of getting started in podcasting along with the tools and resources you need. He will also look at the podcast landscape so you can better understand what types of content engage listeners more than others and how you can repurpose your on-air content into a podcast simply and seamlessly.

“How the Enneagram Can Help You Become a Better Leader”  •  February 14, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

You may have heard about the Enneagram but do you understand how it works and how incredibly beneficial it is to you in your workplace? The Enneagram is a unique personality assessment and one of the most insightful tools for self-awareness. Understanding the Enneagram will help you evaluate yourself at a deeper, more objective level and is an invaluable resource when interacting with others. In CMB’s February Monthly Member Webinar, Andrea Kleid, President of Boxer Poet and Enneagram enthusiast, will be inspire you to grow as an effective leader through learning the Enneagram principles.

“Good News to Start the New Year”  •  January 10, 2018  –  WATCH NOW

As you start 2018, CMB has invited Andrew Curran, President and COO of DMR/Interactive to share an upbeat and enthusiastic view of AM/FM Radio. As a marketing partner to many leading Christian stations, DMR/Interactive gets to see up close, the passion and enthusiasm listeners have for their favorite Christian station. These insights coupled with the latest Nielsen data will provide a powerful perspective on the dominance of AM/FM radio in a mobile world.