CMB Industry Achievement Award

Presented to a Christian Broadcaster or associated professional for outstanding and long-term contributions to the growth of Christian Music Radio.

2019 Award Recipient

Chris Lemke  •  Executive Director, WCSG

Past Winners

  • 2018 Paul Martin
  • 2017 Bob Anthony
  • 2016 Chris Hauser
  • 2015 Chuck Finney
  • 2014 Frank Reed
  • 2013 Mike Novak
  • 2012 Dean O’Neal
  • 2011 Ben Birdsong
  • 2010 Bob Thornton
  • 2009 Grant Hubbard
  • 2008 Bob Augsburg
  • 2007 Alan Mason
  • 2006 Lloyd Parker
  • 2005 Jon Hull
  • 2004 John Frost
  • 2003 Jon Rivers
  • 2002 Wayne Pederson
  • 2001 Keith Whipple
  • 2000 Joe Battaglia
  • 1999 Brad Burkhart
  • 1998 Rob Gregory

Andrea Kleid is a 20-year music industry veteran with a passion to help people grow. She started her career working in Christian radio at WNLT/Cincinnati, then WAY-FM in West Palm Beach, followed by The JOY FM in Tampa/Sarasota. In 2004, Andrea moved to Nashville to begin her career path in radio promotion at what is now Capital CMG. In 2008, she became the VP of Promotion at Word Label Group and led one of the most successful and influential radio promotion teams in the Chrisitan music industry. Andrea developed a reputation for launching artists and growing their careers using her signature brand of honesty, laser sharp insight and unstoppable passion, but most importantly, focusing on relationships. She also uses the Enneagram as a catalyst for growth for both artists, industry, and radio teams. In 2017 she launched her own company, Boxer Poet, as a service to the music and radio industry.


As a student at Cornerstone University, Chris began his career in radio as an intern and part-time employee of WCSG. Upon graduation in 1984, he was hired to handle production and on-air responsibilities. Over the years, as PD and then GM, he helped lead the team to become a top three station in the West Michigan market. In 2009, he was appointed as the executive director of Cornerstone University Radio, tasked with leading the university’s media ministries to greater growth and influence.

While at WCSG, Chris was an early adopter of online forums, facilitating discussions and collaboration with colleagues from around the nation. Over the past 20 years, he’s given assistance to other stations in programming, fundraising and management, inclusive of Arizona Shine where he also spent three years on the station’s Board of Directors. Chris served for several years on NRB’s Radio Advisory committee and has contributed articles to various trade magazines. As opportunities arise, he’s also served as a panelist at NRB and CMB conferences.

Chris’s passion for serving was most evident when he volunteered and led the charge of restructuring and retooling Christian Music Broadcasters. In 2011, he was appointed as CMB’s interim executive director and board chairman. He coordinated CMB’s new board and staff to forge the organization’s mission, vision and operation as it’s known today.


On May 1, 2019, Melissa began her 30th year at STAR 88.3, serving in her current executive role since the Spring of 2000. Her passion for ministry and to bring a message of hope to people both on and off-the-air has been nothing short of admirable. Under her leadership, STAR has been awarded Medium Market Station of the Year three times by CMB along with the Cardinal Community Service Award in 2017 and 2018 from the Indiana Broadcasters Association. She continues to be a part of the daily on-air lineup at STAR and serves as an MC at numerous fundraising banquets for area nonprofits. November 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of her annual Adoption Celebration event which began after becoming an adoptive mom to her daughter LaShay, born in Guatemala. While she doesn’t seek it out, she has also been a mentor to various female CCM artists over the years. She can also be seen and heard as a motivational speaker. Prior to STAR, where she serves as CEO / President, Melissa served as on-air host at WQFL/Rockford, IL and WVFJ/Atlanta.


Randy Pierce fell in love with radio in Greeneville, TN in 1975 as a junior at Greeneville High School. Randy started his career working in sales before being called to a new upstart Christian radio station, WCQR. He has worked on-air as a DJ and Talk Radio host and has won 27 Addy Awards as a Creative Director for a Tri Cities TN/VA radio station

Randy is beginning his 21st year in Christian Radio with WCQR Radio in the Tri Cities TN/VA. He has served as co-host of the morning show and for the last 13 years, he has secured Business Partnerships for WCQR Radio in Tri Cities TN/VA. Under Randy’s leadership, WCQR has been blessed with five Medium Market CMB Station of the Year awards.

He also currently serves as Vice President of Business Partnerships, overseeing underwriters at the five radio stations for the Positive Alternative Radio Network. They have signals that cover Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland and Delaware. He also consults other underwriting directors in the USA and South Africa through their ministry outreach.


Wally was making waves in this format from the moment he started at WAY-FM, and not just because he came from mainstream radio. The current he brought with him was authenticity that was both unprecedented and refreshing.

First, as the host for Total Axxess, and eventually leading The Wally Show…for 13 years, he’s been living out his faith by showing that you can have struggles and still love Jesus (and that sometimes laughter is the best medicine when the world seems dark.)  In the beginning, the CCM radio industry resisted. Today, it’s the normal.

This year, he surpassed the new milestone of 10 million podcast downloads and 10 million video views, which means listeners have consumed 570 years’ worth of heartfelt interviews and creative games. He’s also shared a common language of laughter with children in 15 countries before coming back to the States to advocate for them through partnerships with CURE, Compassion, Blood:Water, and World Vision.

Above all else, his passion for his team, this format, and everyone that WAY-FM touches is obvious. He advocates for the least of these and responds to every single email that listeners send, no matter how great the hurt that comes into his inbox. He is truly making a difference in radio and in the world.