CMB Community Service Award

Presented to a Christian Broadcaster, Radio Station or associated professional who, during the past year, has shown outstanding effort in community service.

2019 Award Recipient

99.1 JOY FM – St. Louis

Past Winners

  • 2018 SOS Radio – Las Vegas
  • 2017 KTIS – Minneapolis
  • 2016 KVNE – Tyler, TX
  • 2014 WBGL – Champaign, IL
  • 2013 The Joy FM
  • 2012 KLRC – Fayetteville, AR
  • 2011 Jim Hoge and WPOZ/Orlando, FL
  • 2010 Jason Sharp and KTIS/Minneapolis, MN
  • 2009 Melissa Montana and WLAB/Ft. Wayne, IN
  • 2008 Jeff MacFarlane and The Joy FM Network
  • 2007 Allen Henderson and His Radio Network
  • 2006 Tim McDermott and KSBJ/Houston, TX
  • 2005 Jim Hoge and WPOZ/Orlando, FL
  • 2004 David Stephens and KXOJ/Tulsa, OK
  • 2003 Tim McDermott and KSBJ/Houston, TX
  • 2002 Bob Augsburg and WAY-FM Network
  • 2001 Brian Lowring
  • 2000 Jim Campbell
  • 1999 Randy Rich and KLYT/Albuquerque, NM

The Fish Atlanta is proud to be a community servant that’s known for its Acts of Love. Fish Acts of Love happen consistently as God prompts, on ways to support and bless others.

Examples of Fish Acts of Love include delivering thousands of VHS tapes to Matthew, a boy with Down Syndrome who absolutely loves the now-defunct VHS tape, a surprise engagement with Needtobreathe was arranged for a couple whose courtship revolved around seeing this band in concert all across the country, new heating and air conditioning units were installed in homes that needed them, transportation was provided for cancer patients unable to get to and from their chemo treatments and 800 plus prom dresses were collected for Love Travels, a nonprofit that dresses girls for prom and provides college scholarships.

Most of all, the Fish Atlanta is known for its Fish Christmas Wish program, which distributed God’s provision throughout the community. During the Christmas season, members of the Fish team traveled to 48 Chik-fil-a locations where 1000+ wishes were granted and over $120,000 was raised. Listener stories were shared on the air from all perspectives and later shared in promos and podcasts. Gifts were purchased, pantries filled, bills were paid, hope was restored, and families came together as receivers and givers. Transportation, dental procedures, adoption costs, a wide variety of wishes happened all for the glory of God.


The Life 88.5 vision is to share God’s unconditional love with every person across Kansas City. This vision is Life 88.5’s filter for every community activity they initiate. The Life 88.5 Team includes staff members and a core group of 28 volunteers, called the Life Support Team.  

In a recent free, outdoor, concert-in-the-park with Josh Wilson, Life 88.5 listeners provided 1,300 new and partially used gift cards to be provided to local victims of Human Trafficking rescued through KC Street Hope.  Attendees of another free concert with Matt Maher, filled three box-trucks with Back-to-School supplies for the Grandview Assistance Program. A matching gift to Life 88.5 provided meals for a week for 400 local homeless people at City Union Mission.

In November, Life 88.5 listeners filled Christmas wish lists for all 5,200 eligible, local foster children during their Holiday Heroes initiative. Prior to Life 88.5’s March Casting Crowns concert, listeners brought 1,700 new children’s books for kids in the HIKE inner-city reading program. During a recent F-4 tornado that ripped through Kansas City, Life 88.5 and partner meteorologists provided live coverage over the two hours the tornado was on the ground. Immediately following the historical storm, a comprehensive list of relief service opportunities and offerings were provided. also provided Kansas City’s only comprehensive VBS listing, along with Easter activities, Trunk or Treat events, July 4th Fireworks locations, and more. Each week, Life 88.5 hosts six area free Christian networking events across Kansas City.


Encouraging believers. Uniting the city. Sharing Jesus. That’s the mission behind everything JOY FM does.  

During Help & Hope, which is a morning of being vulnerable about real struggles, St Louis pastors answered studio lines while over 800 listeners called in for prayer. Several listeners gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. JOY FM and over 100 inner city/suburban pastors also met weekly for prayer and ideas. As a result, hundreds of listeners worked on projects throughout the summer to rejuvenate areas of St. Louis. A sense of pride and unity is being restored in St Louis.

JOY FM also held a month long effort to pray for children impacted by foster care. Over 700 foster kids requested prayer. Thousands of listeners wore prayer bands as a daily reminder to pray for them by name. Last summer, JOY FM led 50 listeners on a mission trip to Guatemala. They installed smokeless stoves and water filters in 60 homes and served orphans and students with Down Syndrome.  

JOY FM’s unique Sofa Concert Series and Summer Nights Concerts were broadcast live for the city to enjoy together. These concerts reach tens of thousands of listeners each night as the artists literally sing over the city.

You just got “JOY’D” – is the note listeners share when they do a random act of kindness in St Louis. Tens of thousands of notes are shared each year. This grass roots campaign encourages listeners to Share Some JOY each month in creative meaningful ways.


The Bridge got its name because that’s who they are and what they do. They connect people to God and to each other, and strengthen their communities. Last year that included adopting a village of several hundred people in La Union Abajo, Dominican Republic. The Bridge sent teams of listeners down twice last year with supplies, and provided education and skills training.

The Bridge also sponsored an annual service-day called Hands & Feet. 200+ listeners spent a Saturday in September serving local non-profits. They also assessed the needs of the community and focused on four major areas. It is called “Love Worth Sharing” and focused on homelessness, opioid epidemic, fatherlessness & human trafficking.

The Bridge also served through hurricane relief efforts to Florida and North Carolina last year, raising funds for Cross International and Crossover Cups International, holding two marriage conferences, and organizing a full day worship technology conference for church tech teams. They helped feed needy children over the Christmas break via guidance counselors, held a purity event for moms and tweens, led a Facebook prayer group with 2900 members, held a weekly women’s bible study at the station, sponsored Christian music night at the State Fair, promoted Drive Through Connection encouraging people to pay for the car behind them in the drive thru, helped start addiction recovery classes at half a dozen churches, and provided home visits to shut ins and elderly with the help of their volunteer street team.


WGTS 91.9, Washington, DC, believes that they exist to encourage anyone they encounter to take one step closer to Christ. At times, those they serve in that way are in crisis and need the help of those that listen to the station.

The WGTS 91.9 Hands and Heart community service initiatives for 2018-2019 included collecting Metro cards and diapers for women and children who have suffered domestic violence, partnering with the Salvation Army to collect toys for children who would go without on Christmas Day, filling two 18-wheelers full of bottled water for Hurricane Florence survivors while friends at His Radio helped with distribution, and collecting more than 11,000 Mother’s Day cards for women in domestic violence and homeless shelters.

And, while WGTS is always there for those who serve in our nation’s government, they also became the radio station for encouragement during the government shutdown in December and January. Families were trying to find ways to buy groceries for their children, so WGTS 91.9 collected food for families that were affected by the furlough and distributed them at a free “Forget Your Furlough” concert for government workers with comedian, Nazareth.

Each Saturday and Sunday morning, WGTS 91.9’s President and GM hosts the longest running talk show in the Nation’s Capitol, “Breakaway.” Topics have recently included finding hope in the hard places, Operation Kid Safe, Bulletproof Marriages, and Shame Eating among many others.