Why You Should Let Your Employees Shop at Work This Holiday Season

The calendar is wrapping up while holiday shopping season is in full swing. That means end of year deadlines and Christmas parties, annual bonuses and budgets. Cyber Monday 2018 was set to hit over $7.8 billion in online revenues.

And those shoppers aren’t taking a personal holiday to do all of that shopping.

Here are three reasons letting your employees do their Christmas shopping at work may help them work harder for you.

Because let’s face it, they’re going to do it anyway.

1. It shows you respect their priorities.

Rather than a boring holiday party, bring in snacks and drinks and do a “Shop-a-thon” at the office. If you hold it during the day, ask employees to stay an hour or two later to offset their time – or not.

Make it fun – and a little competitive. Put up a leader board on who is getting the best deals and make a checklist of who has all their gifts purchased.

By encouraging your employees to put their family and their friends first you are showing them with words and actions that you care about their priorities too.

2.  It encourages wise spending.

“You got a 65 inch television for $400? That’s crazy! Send me the link!”

Everyone loves a good deal. And what a better way to bond the team than shopping together for their favorite people!

You want your employees to be responsible with their money. Send out a memo before the shopping holiday with key tips, how to find a good deal, and other money-saving hacks this holiday season. Use it as an excuse to share how the company looks for deals and uses revenues responsibly.

By letting your employees shop at work, you can show your employees why it’s important to be wise with their money- just like you are being with the company’s money.

3. It helps improve productivity.

Rather than secretly shopping in between meetings and conference calls, your employees can 100% focus on one task at a time.

The distracted employee thinking about racing back to their desk to check their online cart is not a productive one.

By giving clear boundaries and guidelines, it actually increases focus and clarity. Try giving employees 45 minutes a day to shop. Teach time-management and when you are done with your allotted time, no more sale surfing.

It is a simple but powerful lesson in single tasking and time management.

Letting your employees shop at work is a provocative way to encourage whole-life leadership. It helps your team manage their time and their finances – and it may just be the thing they remember most about why the love working for you.

Gabrielle Bosché is America’s Millennial expert. She is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker and President of The Millennial Solution- an international training and consulting company.

Post source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-you-should-let-your-employees-shop-work-holiday-season-bosché/?published=t

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