5 Things Radio Managers Should Know About Millennials

It seems like every day, there’s another article about Millennials and their place in the business world – what they want, how to work with them, and why every business needs an infusion of Generation Y thinking.  The radio industry is no different, and today, broadcasters compete with tech companies for the services of Millennials.

I’ve had a chance to learn this first-hand as our mobile apps development company – j?capps – has grown.  Just about everyone on our staff is a Millennial – and there’s been a strong mutual benefit for both us Boomers and our growing group of young professionals.  I like to think we’ve learned a lot from each other.

In the process, it has become clearer to me just how critically important strong Millennial representation is to radio companies.  And to gain more insight on the topic, we turned to a person with a unique perspective.  

Georgia Beasley is a Millennial who hails from a storied radio family.  For more than decade, she’s been generating media revenue in broadcast, digital, and non-traditional, having served as GSM and Digital Sales Manager in her company’s Augusta, Miami, and Wilmington markets.  These days, she’s based in Ft. Myers, serving as the Beasley Media Group’s Director of Digital Sales. 

In today’s “Guest List,” Georgia talks about what Millennials expect from the companies they work for and what they bring to the table. She also breaks down the misconceptions that many have about her generation – Millennials – that now outnumbers mine – Baby Boomers.

It’s an important perspective, and as you’ll read, her energy and enthusiasm for radio is contagious.  – Fred Jacobs

1. Millennials want more action

A common misconception is that Millennials are lazy. This is untrue; we actually just want more responsibility and the ability to prove we can handle it! Millennials reinvented the word “multitask.” We can juggle multiple tasks at the same time and make it look effortless. Radio is always evolving the way it engages with the audience so this is a perfect complement! Challenge us with tasks on which we have a unique perspective and we all win!

2. Millennials want more diversity

Millennials see no color. This allows us to be more tolerant as well as advocate for the equality and social justice of all minorities. This will make your office more well-rounded and balanced. Think of all the different perspectives and fresh ideas that a diverse-minded Millennial can bring to your operation! When your work culture is inviting and all-inclusive, you have a team with less judgment and drama.

3. Millennials want more passion

It’s common knowledge that Millennials would rather make $40,000/year at a job we love than $100,000/year at a job we think is boring. There is nothing boring about radio and that’s because every day, every client and every radio station is unique! The best in the business didn’t go into radio for the money; they got into radio because they have a passion for it. They loved the music, they loved the relationships and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Millennials want the same: a job we enjoy is important to us and where we can make a difference. Radio is the perfect industry to cultivate that.

4. Millennials want more fun

The good news is that our industry is not only a F-U-N environment in which to work in but it also prides itself on creating a fun experience for listeners, online audiences and at events every day. When did radio become so serious? IT DIDN’T. Adding more Millennials to the mix gives radio the ability to keep the fun organically on air and in the office. A fun atmosphere allows your team to push boundaries and think differently, which is exactly what radio needs. It’s not work if you’re having fun, right?

5. Millennials want more imagination

Guess what, radio works with “AIR” for a living and theater of the mind is what we as an industry pride ourselves on. That being said, there is no better fit for the creative mind of a Millennial than radio. Radio allows Millennials to take an idea from a “that’s cool but what if we…” type concept to a meaningful, multi-platform reality. Radio can truly stand out as an industry that brings real innovation because it’s no longer enough to just push the limits; allowing Millennials’ creativity and imagination, radio has the unique ability to establish that there are no limits.


Post source : http://jacobsmedia.com/georgia-beasley-5-things-radio-managers-should-know-about-millennials/

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