4 Digital Data Points That Program Directors Should Know

Chances are that most radio program directors in America can rattle off their latest ratings numbers without having to look them up. Whether it’s 12+ numbers or a specific demo, we usually know how exactly how the station is preforming at any given time.

But do you know how your station is doing digitally?

Here are four numbers that every radio program director should know off the top of their head:

1. Number of Unique Website Visitors

You know the size of your on-air audience, but do you know the size of your online audience? You should. While it’s good to check your Google Analytics stats on a weekly basis, comparing this number of monthly visitors over a year or more will give you a better sense of the larger trend. Hint: The number should be going up.

Also Good to Know: Where that traffic is coming from, and what your most visited webpages are.

2. Number of Email Addresses in the Database

Everybody always wants to talk about social media because it’s sexier, but the email database is the tried-and-true stalwart of online marketing. If you have 20,000 active users in your email database, you know that you can reach those people. If you have 20,000 fans of your Facebook page, your reach is still subject to the whims of Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithm. Know the database, grow the database.

Also Good to Know: The Open Rate, Bounce Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate.

3. Total Streaming Hours

One of the most important actions a visitor to your website can take is to click the “Listen Now” button and stream your radio station. Of course, they can stream other ways as well — through your mobile app, on a smart speaker, via TuneIn, etc. Just as you want to track how much people are listening to your station over the air, you also want to know how much they’re listening online.

Also Good to Know: The number of Unique Listeners.

4. Number of Mobile App Installs

It’s a mobile world, baby. People carry their phones at their sides 24/7, so you want to make sure your station is on them. Know how many people have downloaded your app because it can have a significant impact on your listenership.

Also Good to Know: The number of Sessions (i.e., not just how many people have your app, but how often they’re using it).

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